Thursday, 4 November 2010

The Lord Tattershall?

I'm glad to hear that Julian Fellowes is allegedly to be offered a life peerage. He seems a thoroughly good egg to me. Anyone who has adapted the 1981, definitive Brideshead Revisited TV series deserves a peerage or, indeed, a Baronetcy for that matter.

Peter Kay states "Among the Tory donors, back-scratchers and old friends due to be ennobled by David Cameron, there will be a little stardust. For I can reveal Julian Fellowes, screen-writer de nos jours and the man behind the excellent Downton Abbey, has been proposed for a peerage.‘Julian will bring some elegant debate to the House of Lords — and some very good manners,’ says a chum. Ampleforth-educated Fellowes, 61, who is married to Princess Michael of Kent’s lady-in-waiting, Emma Kitchener, won an Oscar for Gosford Park in 2002.

I do hope that he chooses a territorial title as opposed to the conventional habit of using one's surname. The Right Honourable Julian Alexander, Baron Tattershall, DL, sounds quite appropriate.

Julian Fellowes is the lord of the Manor of Tattershall in Lincolnshire.


Sandy said...

He seems a thoroughly good egg.
We are enjoying Downton Abbey immensely, recoding it live to miss the adverts!

Timothy Belmont said...

Is there a way to miss the ads? I skip forward when the ads come on, but would prefer to miss them entirely.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, life peerages - in the name of something other than the holder's surname - are allowed only in exceptional circumstances (presumably to those of higher merit). One is reminded of Lords Moyola and Bannside, both being head of legislatures.