Saturday, 6 November 2010

Fool, Belmont

Fool, Belmont. I'd just poured an English measure of gin into my crystal goblet five minutes ago, replaced the screw-top on the bottle and was placing the bottle in the cabinet when I accidentally hit the bottle against the glass, causing it to chip and crack.

That's the second goblet of the same type that Timothy Belmont has broken this year.

So the conclusion is that I unceremoniously dumped the broken glass into the bin.

Fool, Belmont.


Jack plane said...

I hope the cracked goblet wasn't too valuable, or perhaps from an inherited suite!

A similar catastrophe befell me recently; I was recharging a soda siphon when suddenly, it belched out a stream of water which hit the rim of a circa 1780 engraved lead crystal rummer, sending it tumbling off the table and onto the floor where it shattered. I too was somewhat bereft as it was my favourite glass and worth a considerable sum.

Irishlad said...

Tim, i bet if you had been drinking 35ml or 1/4 gil measures it likely would'nt have happened.

Timothy Belmont said...

Jack, commiserations. No, my glass was a mere youngster at about 30! Enjoyed the anecdote.

Irish Lad,

Method in the madness: I take 25ml measures in a futile attempt to keep down consumption! :-)