Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Chapel Island Pond

 Pond at 11:30

I spent most of the day on Chapel Island, beside Greyabbey, County Down. This little island belongs to the National Trust.

There were about eleven of us today. We drove to a location adjacent to the island, parked the vehicles, and carried our tools and belongings by foot, across the foreshore, to the island.

Alan brought the quad bike.

Our task today was to excavate two ponds, in readiness for sheep-grazing.

 Pond at 17:00

It was mostly sunny and warm, and digging the vegetation out was hard work, though we managed to achieve the task, as can be seen in the pictures I took.

Fodder today for self was corned-beef sandwiches with salad-cream and onion chutney; washed down with a refreshing beaker of Namosa tea.

We disembarked from Chapel Island at about five o'clock.

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