Monday, 12 August 2013

Hot Seats!

I motored across Belfast this morning, to Motor City, aka Balmoral and Boucher Roads.

The purpose of my journey was to have a look at a Mercedes-Benz 250SLK, automatic, metallic blue, sports pack.

It had no parking sensors, nor heated seats! My own jalopy has those additives and I'm highly reluctant to cough up any funds on a replacement without those essentials.

'Twas a jolly appealing automobile, mind you. It had "oyster" leather seats with red stitching.

The "sports pack" merely adds to the running costs. Any car with those words merely adds to the ridiculous insurance bill.

Timothy Belmont will bide his time and pounce at the appropriate moment.


Anonymous said...

Hard day?

Anonymous said...

Surely you ould prefer a grand old British marque? Jaguar immediately springs to mind as a good alternative, or go the whole hog for a Morgan

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Indeed. The Merc, being 1.9 litres, isn't too thirsty and I like the retractable hard top.

If I could stretch to it (which alas I cannot), the Aston Martin would fit the bill splendidly.

Anonymous said...

The Morgan 4/4 has a mere 1.6L engine and is very economical.