Sunday, 4 August 2013

Killyleagh Sights

I visited Gibb's Island and Killyleagh, in County Down, today.

The tiny island - now virtually a peninsula - is looking well. A large tree has fallen across the path in the wood.

I enjoyed a packed lunch, consisting of corned-beef sandwiches with salad-cream and onion chutney.

At Killyleagh, I ambled up to the parish church (St John the Evangelist), where I strolled round the old graveyard.

A few of the graves date from the late 16th century. There are a few Sloans, though I couldn't see any Sloanes or ancestors of Sir Hans Sloane Bt, the village's most celebrated son.

The Heron mausoleum is the finest in the graveyard.

Near the harbour is a statue in memory of Sir Hans, unveiled in 2002 by Prince Andrew, Baron Killyleagh.

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