Sunday, 25 August 2013

iPad Review

I purchased a new iPad yesterday. This one has 32GB and Retina display.

Having used an iPad for about four months, I am now in a position to give my verdict: I like them.

These are extraordinary devices: Light; user-friendly; very efficient; very long battery life; almost perfect picture, especially on high definition images; and so on.

The BBC iPlayer function is wonderful, too, because many programmes can be downloaded for viewing literally anywhere without a wi-fi connection.

I watched a recording of Blackadder on a London flight recently, thanks to BBC iPlayer.

ITV Player, alas, does not have a download function, yet; perhaps because it is a commercial station.

The iPad does work satisfactorily enough for writing blogs and articles. The electronic touch-screen keyboard is excellent, to my mind.

However, I have found that editing is not quite as easy as on a full-size computer. It suffices, though, for occasional use, holidays and the like.

Emails are a cinch on the iPad. You can take a good photo at the press of a button, then there are pop-up options for sending it instantaneously to wherever or whomever you so desire.

The "apps" I have on mine include BBC iPlayer; BBC Weather; Facebook; Tripadvisor; Ebay; London Underground route-planner; various digital camera apps and more.

I have not fully explored the Games Section, though one particular game which involves "knocking down" as many imaginary cans from a wall is a great diversion if you have nothing better to do.

The older iPad I used had a "smart cover", viz. Invision Case Cover, black leather. This is cleverly designed so that your iPad can sit at an angle or vertically (to watch movies or television, for instance).

I have purchased two HD movies for my iPad, namely Avatar, and The Life of Pi. Be advised that movies take up a lot of capacity, so that's the main reason why I opted for a 32 GB version.

Another accessory I have is a half-decent pair of headphones by a company called AKG.

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