Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tonight's Viewing

Timothy Belmont is at home this evening. I shall watch television, viz. Music & Monarchy, presented by Dr David Starkey CBE, on BBC2 HD.

At nine, I will switch to ITV3 and view Poirot, played of course by the inimitable David Suchet CBE.

David Suchet encapulates Hercule Poirot, as the late Jeremy Brett epitomized Sherlock Holmes. Other pretenders are negligible.

I daren't mention it to my relatives, though so-called "reality" shows and populist television in general bore me greatly.


ROBINSON & CLEAVER has opened as a restaurant in central Belfast, at the venerable old department store premises which bore the same name.

I wish them good fortune. Their location is propitious.

I still possess a navy blue polka dot tie, which was purchased at Robinson & Cleaver's, of Belfast and London, in the 1970s.


Anonymous said...

Where was Robinson & Cleaver in London ? I knew that wonderful shop and Anderson & Macauley as a great goal of many Saturday trips from Armagh ? Both shops - the term seems undignified for such splendid places - had wonderful interiors. Alan Robinson

Timothy Belmont said...

I never visited the London branch, though it was central. It might have been near Regent Street.