Saturday, 29 December 2007

Belfast Shopping Trip

I'm just back from a visit into Belfast city centre. It appeared to be fairly crowded, business brisk enough, to me. I managed to get a parking space in Donegall Street, opposite the Cathedral.

The first port-o'-call was the second-hand book shop in North Street, where I checked to see if they had any more P G Wodehouse ; there were several Jeeves ones & I've got 'em all. No purchase there, then.

I ambled on up the street, to Braddell's where a small khaki fleece caught my eye; it seemed to be great value and I need one for my NT voluntary work, so I asked the assistant if he'd take two pounds off which he readily did, and I bought it.

At Marks & Spencer I bought some thermal vests; and from there I headed towards Wellington Place. I made a wonderful discovery in Wellington Place, namely a shop called Best Vintage where I couldn't resist two pairs of Levi White Tab corduroy jeans, which were in excellent condition and I managed to snap up for twenty pounds. I'll be back there again.

Walking on down the street, I entered Parsons & Parsons and, to my surprise, both its men's and ladies departments have closed down. The shop looked quite empty. Chatting for awhile to the assistant, he explained that the Hire Department was now the only profitable part of the company. I imagine the closure of the main shop is what could be termed a sign of the times. Parsons must have been one of Belfast's oldest menswear retailers, though I was told that the tailoring will remain.

So, two hours or so later, I drove home for a soft refresher in the form of a good old British cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Timothy

Diane has come home for a visit. Would you and Peggy grant us the pleasure of your company, at the base of the Penninsula on the 1st day of the new year?
Please give us a call to confirm arrangements


Timothy Belmont said...

Certainement, ce serait un plaisir mon ami!