Sunday, 9 December 2007

Hail, Mini-Motorbike

I sometimes wonder if any good citizens have ever, like me, been roused from their slumber at, say, five-thirty in the morning by the sound of a very loud, raucous, rasping noise? Breaking wind, you think; no, not that. I believe it comes from what is now known as the mini-motorbike. Possibly to its credit, the Mini-motorbike is surely economical, takes up little space on our highways, carries at least one occupant to their destination; and is, presumably, relatively cheap to tax and insure.

Having got those facts out of the way, I'll get stuck in: most, if not all, of them seem to have no silencers making them probably the most anti-social two-wheeled pests on the road. As you've by now gathered, I don't like them. I detest them. Let's have some legislation to regulate their very high decibels and ban mini-motorbikes from Northern Ireland's roads.

That's my gripe over for the day!

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