Tuesday, 11 December 2007

David Lloyd Leisure

My aunt has very generously given me a twelve day pass for David Lloyd, which has a club just outside Belfast at Dundonald; so this is the second day I've been at the club. Lloyd's claim to be the UK's leading health club, and I can well believe that. I've been a member of various clubs, including Avoniel Leisure Centre which is a Council facility; Fitness First; and, more recently, CIYMS. For thirty years (oh dear) I've been swimming at my old school, whose coat-of-arms bears the legend and motto Ne Obliviscaris: those in authority there appear to have about as much interest in maintaining the pool as turkeys have in Christmas so, consequently, the pool has seen much better days and, moreover, must have a fully qualified Manager & life-guard to remain open to us. It is presently closed, so I haven't been swimming since the end of June.

As a consequence of these events, I now seek alternative options and David Lloyd is undoubtedly excellent. Its gym is, by far, the best I have ever used. I swam in the outdoor pool today and there was so much steam rising from it that I could only see from under the water.

I can drive to Lloyd's in eight minutes; haven't decided whether to join yet and I expect the monthly fee to be about £50, so I'll make a decision in the New Year. I'd certainly begrudge any joining fee so I'll play hard-ball regarding that.

I am tempted. You could easily spend a half day or more there.

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