Thursday, 6 December 2007

Drive To Belfast City Hospital

It doesn't seem to have ceased raining all week; nevertheless, we left home before nine this morning for the City Hospital where my mother had an appointment. I hate paying for the privilege of parking at hospitals and, since my mother has a Blue Badge, I waited at the six-bay disabled section adjacent to the hospital for about twenty minutes; all to no avail sadly. So we drove around the corner to a pay-park. We must have been almost two hours, which cost £1.50. Not too bad I suppose, considering that everything else went relatively smoothly. I'm very careful where I park the Z4 at any rate.

I had left two pairs of shoes at the excellent Botanic Shoe Repairs a week ago, so took the opportunity of collecting them; a pair of black loafers & a pair of suede chukka boots with "Dainite" soles. An excellent job at a very reasonable £16.50. Here's a chap who takes a pride in his work.

I made a spot of Pasta Casserole this afternoon, closely followed by a restorative of Hine cognac.


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Welcome to the local online community!

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks indeed, Alan.