Thursday, 20 December 2007


I needed to deliver our Christmas presents to my aunt and uncle in south Belfast today, so I thought I'd treat myself to lunch at Fulton's Fine Furnishings in Boucher Crescent, Belfast.

The traffic was very heavy and it must have taken me almost forty minutes to get there. At least the queue at the restaurant was small enough; I decided to have the chicken & ham flan with salad and coleslaw, which I hugely enjoyed. It was scrumptious. A generous portion of flan, filled with big chunks of chicken and ham in a rich, creamy sauce. Fulton's have a lovely tangy dressing on the side-table which diners can help themselves to liberally.

I enquired if desserts were served in half-portions: in a word, no. Pity, because I fancied a bit of the lemon meringue pie; however the helpings are very generous and I knew that it would be too much so, sadly, I declined.

The meal cost £6.80. Can't wait to return, hopefully when the traffic is considerably lighter. Fulton's Hawthorne Restaurant is one of my favourite self-service establishments in the Province.

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