Monday, 31 December 2007

Tesco California Zinfandel

I braved the elements this afternoon in order to obtain the requisite staples of bread and milk; mind you, the old shopping list was longer than that. Connswater was very busy: I headed for Tesco and, at the wine department, selected a bottle of Rioja to take to my cousin and her family on New Year's Day.

I noticed the wine assistant and asked if there was any Zinfandel wine in stock. Tesco's finest hasn't been in stock for ages; however, they had an own-label Californian Zinfandel on the shelf which was a snip at £3.74. I'd never tried it before so took a chance.

I opened it later in the afternoon and, surprise surprise, it was very palatable indeed; not at all like that awful Tesco Gigondas which tasted to me like red vinegar.

Tesco describe it as " a rich, rounded wine with ripe blackberry and raspberry flavours" and, for once, I'd say that's pretty accurate. It's the sort of wine you could drink on its own even. Category C, rich & smooth, from California's Central Valley. It's 13% proof and has a beige label with black writing.

Very good value.

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