Saturday, 22 December 2007

Celebratory Luncheon At Portaferry Hotel

We enjoyed an informal bar lunch today at the Portaferry Hotel. It was still quiet in the lounge bar when we arrived about half-past twelve. I hadn't been to the hotel for many years, so it was interesting to see the bar, the ambience being most agreeable. Very clean and tidy, it appeared to have been redecorated quite recently. There were largish cushions with a Titanic motif. Staff were very attentive, smartly dressed, courteous and remembered to ask if our food was all satisfactory. Our waiter was from Slovenia.

We sat at table forty-nine which was at the window overlooking the sea. We had wild mushroom risotto; scampi, salad and chips; sticky toffee pudding with cream; and two beverages. Portions were ample for us. The food was of a high standard and the total bill amounted to £26.75. As I mentioned earlier, I thought the service was very good, so we left them a ten per cent tip.

I look forward to returning there next year.


Anonymous said...

you should get a job for the Tatler as a food critic!


Timothy Belmont said...

Like the usurper who seizes Walter Love's crown :-)