Wednesday, 26 December 2007

To The Manor Born

I watched the hour-long revival of the BBC's To the Manor Born last night; I have fond enough memories of the original three series which ran from 1979 till 1981, so I didn't want to miss seeing the old cast a quarter-century on.

It was certainly a joy to see Grantleigh Manor again and the gate-lodge. Four of the original cast's characters were still there: Audrey, Richard, Marjory and the Rector. They all looked well, particularly the Rector who must be a good age (I thought he was old in 1982!). In fact I have just learned that he is eighty-two years old.

Of the other characters, admittedly I was somewhat indifferent towards the new butler, Emmeridge; and the other fellow whom, I think, was Audrey's nephew.

I have no knowledge about whether the original script-writer wrote this or not; if anyone knows perhaps they could let me know?

I missed Brabinger, Ned and Mrs Polouvicka; still, overall it was good, entertaining stuff.

BBC, any chance of some more revivals from your dusty archives? There must be lots: Keeping Up Appearances, The Good Life. Let's have some nominations...

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