Saturday, 8 December 2007

Evening Out At Bistro Iona In Holywood

Last Night we dined out at an old haunt of many summers, the Bistro Iona in Holywood, County Down. We weren't disappointed. The dinner date had originally been arranged by Godmother who had tried to book the Dirty Duck; it was fully booked, so the Iona it was. Fortunately enough, I managed to park right outside the place. They have an "early bird" menu which costs £13 for two courses at present; and this turned out to be very good value. I really do like this little restaurant; in many ways it is quite traditional, what with white table-cloths etc. They always bring a basket of really fresh French bread and butter to the table; an added bonus being that it is still unlicensed. Godmother brought some wine, which was partly imbibed.

As far as I can recall, there were about four starters and four main courses to choose from. I opted for a deliciously retro prawn cocktail served in a Martini glass! Lots of juicy prawns; followed by the most tender confit of duck in a sauce with mash & sweet red cabbage. Indeed, all three of us had the duck, and we all deemed it the best we'd tasted for a long time.

All in all, I suppose we stayed there for about two hours. I noticed a table of six near us had brought a bottle of Bollinger along with them.

Godmother invited us back to her pad for coffee; however, we declined, mainly because I wanted to see the final episode of The Tudors (BBC at its best). Poor old Cardinal Wolsey and the chap burned at the stake. After that, I couldn't miss Max & Paddy's Road To Nowhere before retiring to a spot of Jeeves in the Offing.

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