Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The Finest Butter?

I wonder if anyone has noticed how pale most commercial butters are now? My hotel in London used little pats of salted Anchor butter, which seemed to be a richer colour. The flavour was very good too, I thought at the time.

On returning home, I purchased some Anchor butter and it just didn't seem as creamy. Are hotels sold superior branded products in order that we buy them from the shelves; more likely it's all in my imagination. So I have tried most NI butters available, all the well-known brands, and they all seem much the same. Pale and lacking taste. Intriguingly, whilst in the Canary Islands earlier this year, I bought some Irish Kerrygold butter (which I don't buy at home; it definitely had a great flavour, it must be admitted).

I've also tasted most supermarket own-brand butters, although I'm wondering if the so-called luxury ones are worth the extra: the Cornish or French types? Any recommendations or tips are awaited with eagerness!

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