Thursday, 10 July 2008

Balmoral Road Trip

The traffic was fairly light this morning; the holiday period is imminent and the roads are quieter. I revisited the Public Records Office NI to see if another member of staff would photocopy an A4-size section of an old chart for me; alas, they seem to have a rigid policy about that now so there was no joy there.

I motored on to Halford's store and bought some car radiator anti-leak fluid; then on to The Smart car showroom. There's still no news about the 84 bhp model having micro-hybrid-drive (MHD). However, there will be a limited edition model in 71 bhp with special wheels, paint and upholstery. I saw a brochure and I wasn't fussy about the wheels or light-blue paint; but I particularly liked the "used-look" cognac brown leather. Perhaps it will be an option next year on all models instead of black leather.

I lunched at Fulton's Hawthorn Restaurant: minced-beef tart with salad and coleslaw; individual banoffee pie with whipped cream. Sumptuous. The mince tart was £5.95; coleslaw £1.35; dessert £1.65; and cream 40p. Long Live Fulton's!

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