Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Electricity Bill Savings

It's no secret that many governments, including our own, want us to change from using old-fashioned traditional light-bulbs to the energy-efficient variety; moreover, they want to phase the old ones out.

We've been using the energy-efficient bulbs for a few years and, I can tell you, it has been one of my better decisions. We also had two, elderly, energy-guzzling freezers and I got rid of those for an A+ rated large freezer.

Since then our electricity bills have been substantially lower. I actually thought there'd been a mistake when we received the first bill after our conversion.

So I don't really need to offer any advice; the narrative above speaks for itself. Just do it!

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Stephen Barnes said...

This time last year we spent a lot of money on low-energy bulbs for our new kitchen and sunroom.

No, we didn't opt for CO2 guzzling CFL bulbs, we went straight to LED bulbs, at 1W for a 50W halogen equivalent (150W tungsten), a good 22 times more energy efficent than 'low energy' bulbs.

However our biggest saving was my persuading Tara not to use the tumble dryer when the sun is splitting the trees.

If only I can persuade her not to use the blow heater in the livingroom 24/7....