Monday, 14 July 2008

Encounter With Daft Eddy On Sketrick Island

Craig, if you are reading this there were five or six stalks of ragwort missed the last time you were on Gibb's Island! Fear not, I uprooted the blighters. Gibb's Island, near Killyleagh in County Down, was looking wonderful yesterday as I strolled around it. The potholes on the path have all been filled in with tons of stones. All is well.

We motored on towards Killinchy and Sketrick Island, Daft Eddy's base. Sketrick Island is a virtual peninsula with a permanent bridge or causeway. It lies on the western side of Strangford Lough and its most notable establishment is Daft Eddy's pub and restaurant. As we approached the pub yesterday it became obvious that they had cleared a substantial section of trees in front of the place, so it is now a lot more conspicuous from the mainland.

I do like Daft Eddy's. It was quite busy yesterday, but we still got a table in the middle of the pub. It's an atmospheric place with some character and friendly staff. They doubtless recognize us now since we've been giving our custom for a very long time.

I went up to the bar and ordered two small Carlsberg shandies (£2.90). At our table, we perused the tempting menu and eventually opted for duck spring rolls with side salad; scampi with garlic potatoes, salad and coleslaw. I invariably request more tartare sauce - I like it so much.

One small gripe. I'm no expert, but I thought scampi was another name for langoustine or Dublin Bay prawns. What size are langoustines? Perhaps, nowadays, the term "scampi" is all-encompassing and refers to a small part of it. Certainly most pub scampi, and the supermarket variety in breadcrumbs, is diminutive.

Having got that off my chest, the meal was delicious. I ate the lot and my plate was as clean as a proverbial whistle. I complimented them too.

The scampi was £10.75; coleslaw £1.50; duck rolls £5.75. I felt generous and evened the bill up to twenty pounds.


dr. adder said...

Yes, not a bad place for pub grub - personally much prefer Balloo House. Might cost a bit more but a better selection on their mouth-watering menu.

Timothy Belmont said...

Balloo's great; we had lunch there last Oct. Must get back soon :-)