Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Prospect From The Black Mountain, Belfast

I have not been too idle this weekend: preparing for the heating contractor next week who's fitting the new central heating system. So the carpets have been peeled back; furniture has been moved; and all manner of things uplifted to facilitate them. It hasn't been as hard as I thought.

We motored up to the National Trust's property overlooking Belfast this afternoon, Divis and the Black Mountain. Quite a few cars were parked at the car-park.

Every time I visit this lovely property, there is something new to see. Today I noticed more new fencing along the left-hand side of the road towards Divis Lodge. The lodge itself hasn't been renovated yet; however, the outbuilding at the side of the road now has a new, slate roof and guttering. Inside there are three rooms; the work is almost complete there. They are also constructing a modest toilet block behind the outbuilding.

I hiked along the meandering tarmac road upwards, towards the top of the Black Mountain. I saw the scorched earth where there had been a fire several months' ago. It's showing signs of rejuvenation already, I'm glad to say. Up at the former military base on the summit, it is really quite desolate. The radar installations are still there; but there's no sign of any military equipment at all.

From the top of Black Mountain, I strolled over the moorland downwards towards another old path; and back past Divis Lodge to the car-park. My compliments, yet again, to the National Trust for such a marvellous amenity.

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