Saturday, 12 July 2008

Bennett's On Belmont: On The Twelfth

Our usual Saturday haunt, the Bay Tree in Holywood, was closed today, as were most establishments; so we drove down Belmont Road, Belfast, and, lo and behold, Bennett's On Belmont was the sole place open. It is the glorious Twelfth, after all!

Since Bennett's was the only cafĂ© open, they were doing a steady trade and selling plenty of cooked breakfasts. We ordered two filter coffees, one mocha coffee, one cherry scone and one vanilla muffin. Service was prompt, my coffee good and the muffin fresh and tasty too. The total bill was £8.10 and I left a 50p tip.

I took the opportunity to tell my aunt about my exploits at the Globe bar, Tesco Knocknagoney's big extension project and Sir Winston's parrot!


Anonymous said...

Lord Belmont it appears great minds think alike! I also enjoyed a late breakfast in Bennett's - judging by the crowd they took the right decision to remain open today. I'm also a big fan of the Bay Tree in Holywood, Mrs Elvis and I enjoyed a delicious meal there a few nights ago. Have you tried the Yard Gallery further on down High Street? It's also very good.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Elvis,

As Spock used to say, affirmative. The coffee & scones in the Coffee Yard are VG too. I have had lunch at the Bay Tree (VG); haven't had an evening there, yet.