Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Car Engine Leak

There seems to be a small leak under the engine of the two-seater. I've just noticed it within the last few days. I thought, at first, that it may be an oil leak.

I drove to a local garage, Hillfoot Autos, on Knock Road, Belfast, and they inspected it from underneath a ramp. Certainly not oil; more likely water mixed with anti-freeze, so it could be coming from the radiator.

They can't fix it now anyway, so I'll simply keep an eye on water levels till after the holidays. Hopefully it'll disappear (wishful thinking).

The head honcho at Hillfoot seems a decent chap, so I may well give them future business. They charge twenty pounds per hour plus VAT.

I think I was ripped off by another mechanic the last time an ignition coil was fitted. Yes, he had to check the coils; yes, he phoned up a colleague for advice; yes, he needed to obtain the part; yes, he drove away at two-thirty and returned about eight forty-five that evening. But he charged sixty pounds for labour, thirty-five pounds for the coil and the coil was plugged in in seconds. He sent me to another garage in Lisburn to have the computer re-set too which cost twenty pounds. Perhaps that is par for the course, his coming out to fix it, getting the part from a dealership etc. I don't know; I just feel it was dear for something that took seconds to fit.


Stephen Barnes said...

There's an old cure for leaking radiator: pop in an egg. Apparently the egg will congeal and plug the gap. May be OK for a 1950 Hillman, but for a modern car?

Anyhoo, there's a modern equivalent you can buy at your local motor supplies which does the same job. It won't fix large gaps, but if you've only a small hole (fnnarr) it may be a cheap fix.

Timothy Belmont said...

That may be worth trying before I take it to a garage... Nothing to lose I suppose Stephen.

Cheers Tim

Timothy Belmont said...


Just checked Halford's website and the anti-leak fluid costs £3.99. Could well be worth a try. :-)