Thursday, 10 July 2008

Food Mountain

The Prime Minister has given us a lecture about wasting food in our homes. Fair enough; I think he has a point. I hate seeing food wasted. We seldom throw out any surplus food, whether it's past its use-by date or for any other reason. If there are any leftover crumbs, the wild birds get them.

There is probably a lot more food wasted in the catering industry: restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, supermarkets and other places. I inevitably see plates in restaurants with half of the food uneaten; and that includes fast-food restaurants too. It's so wasteful and I blame the consumer. Some people simply order too much food instead of sharing it with their families or friends. Huge pizzas are ordered for toddlers who have absolutely no notion whatsoever of finishing them. What's the point?

So the Prime Minister could have mentioned the catering industry and consumers' responsibilities there also.

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