Friday, 11 July 2008

Karaoke Around The Globe

I did a most unusual thing last night: I kicked off the slippers, stuck a few bank-notes in my pocket, put on a cheap watch and drove over to Belfast's university quarter, where the Globe Bar is located. I'd emailed them to check about the karaoke and when it started; and I was informed that the DJ arrived at nine-thirty. In the event, it didn't begin till about ten forty-five.

I parked at University Street and a short walk around the corner, to University Road, got me to the Globe. Formerly it was called the Elms Pub. It's very much a student pub. Quite austere inside, with a metallic ceiling, "used-look" parquet floor, plenty of wooden counters, a pool table, lots of TV screens; smoke-free!

Armed with a half-pint of Carlsberg shandy, I took a seat on a bar-stool and observed. Nothing much happened at all till the DJ arrived and the music began. There were three girls just across the floor from me. The youngest - I think - looked like a sixteen year-old (are they allowed in bars?). She was a pretty girl, vivacious, pert, confident, very petite indeed and slim as a rake. She wore trendy blue jeans, white shoes and a T-shirt. She must have caught me looking at her, because she teased me for the rest of the evening by dancing erotically and opening her mouth in a suggestive way right in front of me! I've no conception as to whether she knew I fancied her or not (which I did!) - I smiled the whole time - but I imagine she felt safe with her pals; and I must have been three times her age too. Perhaps I'll return next week and, if they're there, buy them all a drink as a friendly gesture. They appreciated my singing.

I sang a few old favourites: the Piano Man and Candle In The Wind. The old vocal chords were performing at full power. After that I didn't linger and headed home about eleven forty-five. The half-pint lasted the whole evening. I must admit that I rather enjoyed it.


dr. adder said...

Brave man (c:

Timothy Belmont said...

I suppose she could have been 18; my seniority dictates that, below a certain age, they all look young. :-)