Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Drummers Need To Be Fit As Fiddles

That's his lordship on the right there, doing his daily exercise with a mouse; and reading about the requisite fitness criteria for a career in rock-drumming. You can actually see the sweat falling from the old brow. Did somebody mention Lord Bath? Don't be ridiculous: Lord Bath hasn't a room like that. Then you think it was Lord Belmont myself in stouter times... I'll keep you guessing.

Jesting aside, it's potentially a dodgy pursuit for those of us with a spot of the old flab, or are challenged in a gastric sense. Steer clear of it, in other words. Cousin-once-removed Michael, if you're perusing this article you are doubtless well aware of the stamina involved at any rate. The calories must melt away when you're whacking the drums like the proverbial clappers. It'll be most helpful in regulating your weight, in future years at least.

Keep on rocking!


Belmont Elvis said...

Lord B, I suspect you are in slightly better shape than your bearded friend!

As for drumming, have you been following the progress of the chap in Lisburn who is currently attempting to drum his way into the record books by drumming for 100 hours! A far few calories and not an orange sash in sight!

Follow his progress here:



Belmont Elvis

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi BE,

That was me in disguise like caraditch or what ever his name is :-)