Saturday, 30 August 2008

The Art Of The Ottoman

For a considerable time now I've fancied an Ottoman to replace our old coffee-table in the living-room; that's one reason why I've been nipping in and out of Ross's auction-house on a regular basis.

I've virtually decided to order one I like the look of: the Derwent Winchester; and it's now a matter of choosing the fabric. Following much cogitation and deliberation, I think I'll order their Venetian red stripe which would complement the other upholstery in the room.

I paid our local retailer a visit, at Knock on the Upper Newtownards Road in Belfast, and obtained a quotation; then I contacted Fulton's in Belfast - the splendid store with the excellent self-service restaurant - and they quoted me £17 pounds less, including delivery. The local furniture shop wasn't prepared to budge, so I am pleased to give Fulton's the custom. By the way, the local store wouldn't even provide me with a price for carpet despite Brinton's being on their list of stockists: the price-list they had was three years out of date! How badly do they want to do business?

This morning we motored into Holywood, County Down, where I gingerly drove the two-seater through the little entry beside the Bay Tree coffee-house. It was tight enough and the side-mirrors were close to the walls, but we made it and managed to get parked beside the hedge without causing any inconvenience to other cars. Incidentally, the Bay Tree was busy this morning; the aroma of bacon and coffee greeted us as we entered.

I meant to add that the bill for a regular coffee and cinnamon scone is £3 - easy to remember till the price rises, that is!

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