Saturday, 9 August 2008

Minnowburn Hardcore

It was pouring when I left for Minnowburn, near Belfast, this morning; however, by the time I arrived at the Warden's office the sun shone.

Only Kevin and I were present today; Shaun was supervising. We drove up to the Rose Garden, parked and walked to Freddy's Steps, where we had planted a young oak and beech plantation eighteen months previously. The saplings were utterly overwhelmed by a jungle of brier, laurel and other large weeds; so we went on the offensive armed with our lengthy slashers! My chopper was unnecessary on this particular occasion; last time I used it I almost hit Louise in the face with it.

About three hours did the job and we headed back to the office for lunch outside the office: tuna and cucumber sandwiches with a flask of tea today.

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