Saturday, 9 August 2008

Central Heating: Head Of Steam

I am glad to recount that practically all the remaining problems appear to have been resolved with our new central heating system. A squad of them called yesterday to fix the garage roof where the new flue protrudes; to install skirting in the dining-room; to correct the piping at the hot towel-rail in the bathroom and renew a plastic pipe in the loft.

The plumber turned on the heating yesterday at lunchtime to test the system. This turned out to have caused another problem - after they'd gone, of course. The heating remained on full and, although the timer said off, the boiler ignored this and carried on regardless. That evening I decided to turn it all off at the main power switch in the boiler-house.

I tried it again this morning: still the same problem. When I returned from Minnowburn, I phoned one of their plumbers who advised me to go to the hot-press, check under two, white boxes and ensure that the metal levers were at automatic. They weren't: they were at manual; so the plumber had not reset the levers the other day.

What a relief; problem resolved. All is cooling down now, including me!

That just leaves the matter of the invoice I expect to receive from our burglar alarm company for the call-out to reset the tamper light which the electrician accidentally hit. I'll send the contractor the invoice and let ADT know what I've done. I'll send it recorded delivery.

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