Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Research Day At Rowallane, Saintfield

The rain was torrential this morning as I drove to the National Trust's GHQ in Northern Ireland, Rowallane, near Saintfield in County Down. Craig had been delayed by an accident, so I waited at the reception area and was brought a beaker of coffee.

Craig and I were undertaking research into the islands owned by the Trust in Strangford Lough. Rowallane holds most of the legal documents proving ownership, Rights of way, original charts et cetera. We delved through a mountain of paperwork and a few interesting facts became apparent: some land at the River Quoile, 5.75 acres, was gifted to the Trust by Lord Dunleath in 1972; Salt Island and Green Island were once owned by Lord Glentoran; Gibb's Island was acquired in 1979 from Delamont Estates and comprises 15.53 acres.

We lunched at the Lemon Tree in Saintfield, sweet chilli chicken paninis being the order for us; and very tasty they were too.

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