Wednesday, 27 August 2008

On The Great Shirt Trail

It's getting to be a habit, cycling into Town for a browse round Ross's. They did have a footstool there this morning; but it was made of heavy oak legs with padded green upholstery. Not bad at all; just not quite what I'm seeking.

I feel as if I am fast becoming an endangered species, since T M Lewin no longer stock the size 14.5 in their shirts; nor does Thomas Pink, at least not in Belfast. Nor does Gieves and Hawkes. It's their loss. I want a Bengal stripe royal blue shirt, size 14.5, button cuff (I'm bored with double cuffs and have too many of them anyway). Turnbull and Asser sells the particular shirt at a premium of £115 plus an extortionate £10 delivery charge for Northern Ireland. I doubt if they'd entertain a reduction or concession, because the shirt in question is a "classic". I'll try though.

I bumped into my old fellow-swimmer, Robert, in Donegall Square and expressed hope that the pool would re-open on the 1st September. Robert was doubtful since, apparently, a life-guard has to be appointed. The Club shan't get one penny from me until I'm certain that it's up and running.


John Self said...

It must depend on the style, as I have seen 14.5 inch collars in Thomas Pink in Belfast - and indeed bought one there. It's probably a little tight, but I wear it open-necked; normally I would be a 15. On the other hand, at TM Lewin, I need a 15.5 inch collar - that may be because I favour their 'semi-fitted' style which is slimmer in the body, but surely an inch is an inch is an inch?

Timothy Belmont said...

In my experience, if my size is available it's not the pattern I seek! There is no selection of 14.5 sizes. They often offer to order a particular item for you; it's just not the same as being able to browse and instinctively find what I'm looking for!
To their credit, M&S still stock a good range of 14.5 shirts; but, paradoxically, they've practically no 36" short jackets!