Sunday, 31 August 2008

Confidence In The Skies

I've read an article this morning which does not exactly inspire confidence, in some quarters at least.

If it is true, it would be judicious for us to consider our families and loved-ones before booking a "bargain flight".

I know how it feels to be without sufficient reserves of petrol: driving along a lonely road in the Scottish highlands, miles from nowhere, continually keeping an eye on the petrol gauge, wishing I had re-fuelled at the last petrol-station. It is stressful and does not foster relaxed driving. If you are a pilot, how much worse must that scenario be?

If an airline has been accused of this insane policy, it must move quickly to reassure the general public, let alone the authorities, that this is not the case. It must prove beyond any doubt that the tanks of its aircraft keep plenty of reserves in fuel.

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Anonymous said...

It is now officially admitted that the Beijing to London flight which crash landed in Heathrow was brought down by water ice in its fuel pumps blocking the rotating parts.

It used to be common knowlege that a partly filled fuel tank aaccumulated condensation ,I remember in my poverty stricken youth I had carb icing in severe winters. If I kept her topped up it was no problem. Of course all the real engineers are dead and gone by now, the young ones need to listen to their old fathers...blah blah,...

I think every cheap flight should have a company senior accountant on board, preferably locked in a toilet.