Monday, 18 August 2008

Running Flat Out

The sprightly two-seater exercises itself on four run-flat tyres; there is no spare tyre in order to save valuable space and weight. There's a run-flat indicator on the dashboard with a warning light and a buzzer. They've thought of everything.

The other day, having a puncture fixed, I noticed that they are beginning to show signs of wear; and I read on the web that some people replace their run-flat tyres with ordinary ones, and carry a mini compressor along with a can of tyre sealant.

I was in Halford's at Downpatrick yesterday and had a chat with a sales assistant about this. He told me that the police use run-flat tyres a lot, especially in Northern Ireland!

Indeed, Halford's sell canisters of Holt's Tyreweld, which temporarily seals your puncture till you get it repaired. Great idea. It's an option I'd consider and I'll check the price of a run-flat tyre with a standard tyre whenever the time comes.

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