Friday, 15 August 2008

Disappointing Scones

We were entertaining a visitor this morning so I decided to get on my proverbial bike and cycle to the home bakery we usually frequent, the Golden Crumb on Belmont Church Road, Belfast.

The Golden Crumb had a good display of products in their window and I bought two fruit scones and two Viennese whirls. We've been giving this home bakery our custom for many years. The first thing I thought curious was that the scones were a decidedly yellow colour; they were quite flat too, perhaps an inch thick - I didn't measure them!

When I got home I cut them in half - they were very fresh - and buttered them; then spread home-made raspberry jam thereon. Excepting the butter and jam, I'm afraid I didn't appreciate their flavour at all. There could only be one reason for the yellowness, and I discount artificial colouring: the liberal use of margarine. In my book, scones ought to be basically the colour of flour: white. Personally I prefer butter in their manufacture as well.

The Viennese whirls had little flavour too; very little cream or whatever in the centre of them.

Most disappointing. I am wondering if they have a new baker, or have changed ownership? At any rate, I've lost confidence in them, regrettably.

I am going to initiate a survey of home bakeries in the Belmont, Strandtown and Ballyhackamore areas of Belfast. In the interim, if there are any suggestions or recommendations for readers do, please, feel free to leave a comment here.


Alan in Belfast said...

Their scones aren't great - but their cinnamon loaf is fantastic.

Timothy Belmont said...

Thought I might venture down to Sydenham to try Hamilton's some time; you never know...

Timothy Belmont said...

I've been told that the yellowness could be caused by eggs, if they are used.