Monday, 26 January 2009

Adamant Fitness First

I was at Connswater this morning and called in to the health club, Fitness First, yet again in an attempt to extract further concessions from them. My membership of another health club expires imminently.

To my dismay and disappointment they are still quite adamant that the "administration" fee cannot be waived; and the only other concession they seem prepared to offer me is one free training session. I do not require this: I've got thirty years' experience under my belt.

The young sales girl left me and came back with the general manager, who tried to persuade and reason with me, to no avail. I told him that I could re-join my present club but that I'd consider his proposal, yet again.

I wonder if I am asking too much of them; or being unreasonable? I must confess, I thought they'd have bent over backwards to recruit new members.


Mick_Stella said...

January's probably the worst month to try haggling. They have a glut of "New Years Resolution" members, who'll continue paying until well into the year but only use the place twice.
I used to be a member there, but found Esporta had much better facilities including spinning classes and a pool.

Timothy Belmont said...

Timed it badly, again, as per usual!