Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Sale Offer Or Simply A Bargain?

I was at Connswater this morning, paying a visit to the Tesco supermarket and, at the aisle where they sell their pots and pans, a rather fine frying-pan caught my eye. Our current large frying-pan is beginning to show its age - wear-and-tear and all that - so I was keen to buy a new one.

I noticed this pan because it was Tesco's "Professional Cook, 30cm Tri-Ply Sauté Pan" with two handles and a 25 year guarantee.

It was lying on its own and there was an assistant near by, so I inquired as to the price and it was £8.75. This sounded a bargain to me; there was no price displayed so I didn't know its original cost.

When I got home I checked Tesco's website and it is still on sale at £34.25. I appear to have saved £25.50!



grannymar said...

That sounds like a terrific bargain.

Enjoy using it.

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed, I've just washed and rinsed it. It's very large - dwarfs the ceramic hob - but no matter, it should still heat evenly.

I can get it in the rotating pan cupboard too.

Perhaps it was unsold for so long because of its bulk and size.

BTW, I've still to try your ice cube and polish method! Perhaps it's a variation on the spit-and-polish! :-)