Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Free Parking In Northern Ireland

Now here's an added perk for those Irish motorists and shoppers who are flocking to the Province to shop and take advantage of the weak pound (and who can blame them there) . Whereas we are not, technically and legally, permitted to park on double yellow lines, urban clearways, junctions and other restricted zones - with the exception of Blue Badge holders - 94% of motorists from the Irish Republic can, apparently, park anywhere with impunity.

Of 20,000 parking fines issued, 18,898 remain unpaid. In fairness, I am sure that most responsible drivers park lawfully. Nevertheless, this figure is scandalous.

Surely this could become a prime part of cross-border co-operation between the authorities, thus ensuring that the culprits pay their fines plus added penalties for each day the fines remain unpaid?

I imagine the retailers in Northern Ireland do not mind too much.


Stephen Barnes said...

What is really annoying is that it DOESN'T work the same way in reverse. The Irish Government have enlisted a Debt Collection Agency in the UK to chase unpaid fines occured in the South. At the moment they are having their cake, eating it, and rubbing our noses in the crumbs.

Timothy Belmont said...

I forgot to mention that aspect of it in my posting, Stephen.
I suspected that the Irish government would not tolerate such nonsense.
It's almost incredible that it isn't reciprocated.

Owen Polley said...

Is there any reason why an ROI debt collection agency can't be used to chase unpaid Northern fines?

Timothy Belmont said...

Good point, Chekov; and a good question to pose.