Friday, 2 January 2009

Cobbler Fish

I've just paid a fleeting visit to Tesco Knocknagoney - why do I dislike that place so much? - and, on the chilled fish shelf, a pack of "River Cobbler" Vietnamese fish caught the lordly eye (pictured on the right).

I took it over to the fish counter and asked the assistant about it. He told me that he had eaten it; and that it was a mild fish, like whiting. I was interested. I dislike strong-tasting fish. If you have tasted this fish, please let me know! I have put it in the freezer for future consumption.

Two fillets, lightly dusted with a coating of something or other, skinless and boneless, cost £2 I think. Sounded fair value.

So I bagged them, along with the raspberry pannacotta deserts, gin, sherry, corn flakes and more; and made my departure.


John Self said...

My mother recommends the fish counter at Asda in Ards Shopping Centre. It's run by a middle-aged woman who loves her work and knows about her produce. This compares badly, says Mrs Self Sr, to Tesco Connswater (her local), where the fish counter is manned by a youth with three aprons: one for fish, one for raw meat, and one for cooked meat.

And the reason you dislike Tesco Knocknagoney so much is because it's ugly! Yellow floor tiles, dull decor, crammed entrance, just generally miserable and showing its age. It has become even less appealing since they installed a new car park more fit for an airport than a supermarket. The contrast with Sainsbury's Holywood Exchange, my own local, is extraordinary.

Timothy Belmont said...

I prefer Sainsbury's myself. Re Tesco: apparently they're intending to build another storey on top of the existing edifice! This leviathan still is not big enough! Nor does it stock everything because there are groceries that I can buy in Connwater which aren't stocked in K'goney.

Anonymous said...

Hi there check out cobbler fish on the net and you will be alarmed.

Timothy Belmont said...

I haven't eaten any since the 2nd January!

Anonymous said...

Cobbler is delicious, eat it all the time, there's alot of rubbish written on the web about it containing toxins etc. it's all bull. BBCs Watchdog had a fish tested and the lab could find no trace of any of the substances rumoured to be in the fish. Much of, if not all of, the Cobbler you'll buy in the UK is actually farmed right here in this country.