Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Cuts Of Beef: Supermarket Vagueness

I motored over to Sainsbury's supermarket at Holywood Exchange this afternoon. Having re-fuelled the roadster - noticing that petrol has increased in price by a few pence - I ventured in to the store itself and filled the trusty shopping-basket with shallots, "casserole" beef and lean minced beef, among other items.

In my experience, Northern Ireland supermarkets are always vague about certain cuts of beef. I can never buy chuck steak, for instance. They describe much of their beef as "stewing steak" or "casserole steak". Is this an appropriate trade description, I wonder? Why not be more specific? I'd like to see chuck steak being sold in supermarkets.

I'd need to visit a real butcher's shop for that, I imagine. I must confess that I buy most of my groceries under one huge roof these days, viz. supermarket chains.

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