Friday, 30 January 2009

Odious Verruca

I have a suspected verruca on my big toe. These growths are odious, though the one in question is small. I always wear flip-flops at swimming-pools, changing-rooms, terraces etc. and the phenomenon still recurs.

I have been trying the garlic remedy; and, today, I have applied a bit of banana skin thereon with a plaster.

In my experience, liquid nitrogen is the most effective technique; however, since my doctor's practice is too stingy to perform such a minor application on a small verruca, that is a non-starter. I think you'd need to have about a dozen carbuncles before they acquiesced.

There is stuff that can be bought which, I believe, is called Wartner's and it is fairly good, too. Nevertheless, I'll try the cheapest method first.

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