Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Cinnamon Loaf

I visited the local library at Ballyhackamore this morning in order to get something photocopied. It was double-sided, so twice the price at 30p. On the way home, I drove on to Belmont Church Road, close to the Golden Crumb home bakery. I suddenly remembered my fellow-blogger, Alan In Belfast, hailing their cinnamon bread; so I stopped and strode over to their premises at number 53, Belmont Church Road. These are small loaves coated in icing on top, with a soft crust. They were on display in the front window, at the far right-hand side near the door.

Alan, Thanks a million for your contribution to increasing our household's waistlines! I spread some butter on a few slices and, after a bite, this bread is irresistible. We'll have to ration ourselves in future.

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