Thursday, 29 January 2009

Swimming Dilemma

I swam seventy lengths up at the old school last night. The plan is to attend another BBC concert tonight, so I'll miss my Thursday swim. I spoke to the most senior swimmer in the Club prior to my swim and he apprised me of the Society's AGM. Not particularly sanguine news for the swimming branch, which is somewhat dismaying since I've been a regular swimmer here for thirty years.

They say that membership in the Club has shrunk to fewer than fifty members. This calls in to question the sustainability of the very Club itself; or, at least, the swimming section. The Committee will, apparently, review this predicament in May, before the swimming-pool would re-open at the start of term in September, 2009.

The Club now has to employ a fully qualified life guard and a deputy for the swimming, a costly measure. This has been compounded by technical problems a few years ago, when the pool was closed for months; and as a consequence of this, many regular members drifted off and joined other clubs. I, and a few others, have remained steadfast.

Yet again, I may have to consider joining David Lloyd's club in Dundonald. Since Fitness First has no swimming-pool, I'd rule them out; especially since I'd be tied in for at least twelve months.

There's still hope that the swimming-pool at the old school will remain open, however. The most sensible thing to do would probably be to continue with my membership of Castlereagh leisure centre until the matter becomes clearer in, say, June when I should know whether to join David Lloyd's health club or not.


Anonymous said...

Lord Belmont, as Chairman of the OC Council, I can reassure you that, despite the financial pressures on the OC Sport Club, the OC Council are keen to explore all avenues to keep the OC Sports Club and facility for swimming open to Old Campbellians

Timothy Belmont said...

I do hope that it remains open. Thank you for your reassurance.