Friday, 2 January 2009

Awards And Medals: Frequency Of Wear

I always include post-nominal letters to a person's name, whether I be referring to them in correspondence or on LBNI. It accords to them the honour they deserve. I am curious to know how often recipients get the opportunity to actually wear their awards; excluding those who have the privilege of serving in the Armed Forces or have the honour of wearing Her Majesty's uniform. Navy, Army and Air Force personnel wear their medals quite often, at parades, functions, mess occasions etc.

I honestly have no idea whether serving Northern Ireland Police are permitted ever to wear their medals in public, or not, under the new dispensation - courtesy of the Lord Patten.

Miniature medals are worn on a dinner jacket, mess dress or full evening dress. Full-size ones are worn on all other forms of dress, including uniform, lounge suit, overcoat and morning-coat.

I'm really alluding to civilians. Somebody who has the MBE, for instance. How many times a year, on average, do they get the chance to wear it? I include countries of the former British Empire here, too; particularly Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Do let me know. I'd be interested.

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