Thursday, 22 July 2010

Colonel Dick

That is Lieutenant-Colonel Richard "Dick" Strawbridge MBE, a former Army engineer-turned-environmentalist. He has come a very long way since his time in the Army in 2001.

It's fascinating to peruse his biography to date. I know there are Strawbridges in County Londonderry; however Dick Strawbridge was born in Burma, of all places, and went to Ballyclare High School in County Antrim.

He seems rather a good egg to me. I imagine he has lots of relatives living in Northern Ireland. He even has his own website.

Last published in August, 2009.


Mick Stella said...

Worked with him and his brother in HQNI during the late 1990's. He was CO at the time. Top bloke. We called him "The Mad Genius" :)

Timothy Belmont said...

Sounds about right, Mick! Good to hear from you; keeping well?