Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Proper Pasty

I ventured into central Belfast this morning. I had my eye on a tapestry firescreen, so I registered upstairs, at Ross's office, had a browse round the sale-room and waited.

Well, I won the bid and bagged it for twenty pounds. I'm not terribly keen on the tapestry design. It's all right; however I shall have a look on the Web for something more fitting.

I was having a little chat with the lovely girl behind the counter at Ross's, joking that I felt like a minnow among sharks what with all the dealers hovering about! I settled my account with them; though I popped in to Lunn's earlier in order to collect some jewellery.

Whilst ambling down Queen's Arcade, I noticed a chap munching away at something or other; then spotted a member of staff from what turned out to be a new pasty shop in the Arcade, offering bite-size pieces of pasties to passers-by in order to generate interest and awareness. I did a U-turn and grabbed a sample from her tray.

It was delicious! Better than supermarket pasties, at any rate; so I discovered the new shop at the far end of Queen's Arcade. It was called The Proper Pasty Company. I wandered in, explaining that the girl outside had just persuaded me to buy one. I purchased a traditional Cornish pasty which, I think, cost about £2.60. They have a big selection of other kinds, too. I thought the beef and Stilton ones sounded good.


belfast cabby said...

Never did like Cornish pasty's and for the love of god couldn't tell you why!
That said i love our traditional Ulster pastie'.

Timothy Belmont said...

I enjoy the Ulster pasty too! Sometimes I'd get a fish supper and a pasty, though I used to be able to share it all and need a lovely girl to assist me with that now. :-)

Stephen said...

Beef and stilton... golly! You are torturing me with visions of such a delight.

The chip shop ones are good too BC!!!