Saturday, 3 July 2010

A Coffee Yard Morning

I've just returned from Holywood, County Down, where I met my aunt and another friend at the Coffee Yard café. They seemed to be doing a roaring trade in their cooked breakfasts, though we only had coffee and scones, a fresh raspberry scone in my case which was, incidentally, good.

It's the first time we have met for coffee since Mum died. Whereas there were four of us, now there are three.

I paid a fleeting visit to Gould's shop on Church Road and the staff were quite inattentive. There were two women chatting to each other, one of whom, I assume, was staff. I wished to inquire about curtain material, though I didn't bother in the end. I walked out and decided I'd try elsewhere, viz. Warden's in Newtownards or some such emporium.

I haven't been sleeping terribly well since my mother died, though I am not a heavy sleeper at the best of times anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I am not surprised you are having trouble sleeping - life (and I'm guessing quite a lot of your daily routine) has changed with the sad passing of your mother. I can only advise you seek as many "distractions" as possible, such as NT work, exercise etc. It is often said that time is a great healer - it's not, but the pain of grief does abate after a period.
All the best at this difficult time,