Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Good Shave

I used the new shaving brush this morning. I followed their instructions, which included squirting a small ball of gel into the brush head. Given that I can be slightly sceptical - not to say cynical - about some things, I was rather impressed. This method seems to work. Using a shaving brush provides one with a lot more lather than smearing the gel on manually.

I may well be converted already!

Many thanks, Theo.


Unknown said...

Good morning Lord Belmont (apologises but I'm not sure how to address a Lord). I have never used a brush before but I would certainly be tempted. It does look very nice.

I have recently been using a cut throat razor for shaving. I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Have you got a equally impressive razor to go with your brush?


Timothy Belmont said...

I have amassed a number of razors during my time!

The Number One is a sort of mock ivory and chrome job by Trumper of St James's.

For everyday usage, a more prosaic gillette!