Friday, 23 July 2010

Optical Progress

My left eye seems to be improving steadily. It has taken two weeks and, miraculously, I have noticed a dramatic advance. It still takes a while for my eye to focus when I rise in the mornings, though I believe that the time it takes is reducing every day.

I now seem to have better vision in my treated eye than the right one, which was stronger! Trouble is that I think I'd like to have the right one lasered. I have already paid for this, though the surgeon judged that the left eye only required treatment on the day of surgery, mainly regarding the issue of reading and seeing things at close range (mobile, watch, shaving, using kitchen knives etc). They phoned to apprise me that I'd receive money back if only one eye were treated; however we agreed that it would be reasonable to wait and see - spot the dreadful pun!

I'll accept their advice when I revisit them in several weeks' time.

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