Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Made in Belfast!

I was in Belfast again this morning, having an appointment at my laser eye clinic. However, I took advantage of the situation and visited a few other places. Ross's auction-house was open, though the upstairs sale-room seemed to be closed today.

I called in to the Linen Hall Library in order to undertake a little research, too.

No need for Timothy Belmont to make himself any dinner this evening! I ambled in to a restaurant in Wellington Street called Made In Belfast. I have lunched here about two years ago, I think. I arrived very early, before noon in fact. They were still writing the Specials on the blackboard and I noticed what sounded a rather tasty starter: Black Pudding Fritters with Plum & Apple Chutney, at £5.95.

I ordered this dish and was not disappointed. There were three fritters accompanied by a little side salad and a ramekin of chutney. "Very Tasty!", pronounced his lordship.

I had the Fermanagh steak burger with Welsh rarebit topping served with two huge, thick slices of bread and an onion chutney of some kind on top. The burger was firm in texture which, to myself, would indicate that the beef had been very finely minced. The chips seemed to be home-made, quite modest in size and shape and they were served quite imaginatively in an enamel mug. Indeed most things in this "restolounge" have a good measure of imagination; it would be fair to call the experience somewhat Bohemian.

I was unable to finish one slice of the very thick bread and a few of the chips, though I ate everything else. I thought it was fairly good, though too substantial for me at lunchtime.

The total bill amounted to £16.90 and I gave them £1.50 as a tip. Made In Belfast was popular with Ladies Who Lunch today. We chaps were outnumbered by about 15 to two or three! More men arrived later, though.


Stephen said...

STOP IT! You are torturing me, won't be back until X-mas!!!

Gives me something to look forward to, though, yum yum!

Timothy Belmont said...

I'll be tantalizing a modicum more in the next few months, Stephen; planning to dine at Tedford's soon.