Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Menu d'Aujourd'Hui

It is remarkable how well the big supermarkets cater for single people. I think I shall shop more often at Marks and Spencer's. I was at Tesco's today and bought a finest Classic Fish Pie for one. It included salmon, prawns and haddock. It was quite enjoyable, actually. I had it with broccoli, Perino tomatoes and cheese coleslaw (the preferred brand is presently the luxury one by Country Kitchen of County Armagh).

Almost forget to mention that I had a few glasses of red plonk to wash it down with.

I had a slice of toasted Hovis wholemeal bread with Dromona butter and home-made marmalade for breakfast; and I lunched on an apple, a Clementine, half a banana and a mug of Twinings tea.

I think the trick is to immediately freeze the loaf of bread, retaining three or four slices unfrozen in the kitchen, well sealed; otherwise it starts "going off" eventually. More grub for the magpies!

Not too expensive to maintain, am I!


belfast cabby said...

Home made marmalade!! would love the recipe, but how can anyself respecting Ulster man drink anything but Nambarry or Punjana tea?

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha ! I even cut corners with the marmalade. We've been using it for many years; we find it excellent, better than Frank Cooper's. In a word, Mamade. It's available in big cans in major supermarkets.

Gerry Snape said...

Ah happy memories, mum in Belfast always made her marmalade with Mamade. Takes me back!